[gaar voice] naruto

hi my name is sunny and i make dumb text posts


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 Levi requested by uzumakiess
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DRRR! Season 2

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who willingly eats tomatoes like come on

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Since I lost my son - 
Uncle, you don’t have to say it. 
I think of you as my own. 

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if u smell good, we cool

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therattattoo: "When you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send them to 10 of your favourite blogs"

I just saw this sorry!!

1) uh I kinda like my smile
2) this is really hard omg hmmm
3) I’m so sorry I really can’t think I anything
4) sometimes I’m funny
5) dang

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ready for sakura to beat the crap out of madara’s upper half (worse half?) with whatever chakra she’s got stored in her yin seal because madara is cruisin’ through limbo for a bruisin’

he won’t even be allowed the dignity of shitting himself bc he ain’t got an ass anymore

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9Gif’s ofテマリ, Temari!

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